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subota, 6. studenoga 2010.

HOPE (Cro) - Battle within , cd 2007

Naravno, Alex Bijažić, moj stari metallero je zaslužan i za ovaj album! Odlična produkcija, album je zamišljen kao stanoviti best grupe Hope, i dokument kako se u hrvstakoj svirao i kršćanski thrash/death metal! Strašan album, Hope su bili prvi katolički thrash/death metal bend u Hrvatskoj.Respekt!

Finally!!You have the privilege and the possibility to enjoy the last album of my favourite Croatian band.We already had Hope on this blog,and you know they play old school Thrash Metal at his best,with Christian topics.I told for every album they recorded that is their best,which is pretty logical,because every band have a progress from album to album.But I will repeat this time,Hope recorded and released their best album,an excellent piece of Thrash Metal (if you ask me,there is some Kreator influence-maybe it`s the vocal,reminds a lot of Mille`s vocal) greatly structured,and with a very strong production,cleaner than on the previous albums,but still preserving the aggressivity of the sound.The lyrics are about Christianity,which fits me and will fit anyone with such personal choice.
So,this is the exclusivity for all of you,I would like to express my gratefullness and thanx to Mika,God bless you mate.As for all of you interested in this one,I wish you many,many headbanging hours..
Alex Bijažić

02.Eyes of deceiver
03.In temptation (Homage to B.S.)
05.Unconditional love
06.The warning
07.Guardian angel
08.My God
10.Defenders of the faith
11.Battle within



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